Clay & Associates LLP also offers bespoke tax planning services to High Net Worth Individuals and entrepreneurs outside the film, entertainment and sports industries. We provide services and advice for people from all industries who are resident and non-resident in the UK, taking into consideration their worldwide tax position.

We provide innovative, proactive tax planning advice for our client base of individuals and on and offshore Trusts and companies. In addition to our planning services, we also provide assistance in compliance matters and tax investigations.

Structuring Tax Affairs:
  • Tax planning to reduce the impact of the 50% income tax rate.
  • Providing offshore tax planning advice.
  •  Inheritance tax planning.
  • Capital gains tax planning.
  •  Remuneration tax planning.
  •  Withholding tax issues worldwide.
  •  Structuring Image Rights and Intellectual Property Rights.
  •  Structuring both on and offshore income streams.
Overseas Individuals Coming to the UK (in addition to the above):
  • Exploiting Non Domicile Status whilst resident in the UK.