Entertainers – Including Television and Live Appearances

Clay & Associates Ltd deals with a number of entertainers predominantly based here in the UK. Many of these individuals have Clay & Associates deal with all aspects of their personal and business management, as well as ongoing tax compliance and planning. We also deal with individuals visiting or performing in the UK and Europe, in both one off events as well as tours covering multi jurisdictions.

UK Taxation Issues
  • Tax planning entry/exit of the UK.
  • Exploiting non domicile status.
  • Dealing with all structuring advice.
  • Filing personal income tax returns/VAT returns/accounts and corporate accounts as appropriate.
Visiting Non-UK Individuals (including in front of and behind camera personnel)
  • Contract structuring for all jurisdictions.
  • Reducing withholding tax and tax credit planning.
  • Final filing obligations.
  • VAT planning.
  • Business management.
  • Music royalties.
UK Resident Individuals
  • Employee Benefit Trusts.
  • Pensions & SIPPS.
  • Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes
  • Income tax planning schemes..
  • UK IHT planning.
  • Stamp duty planning.
Financial Planning
  • Bespoke investment advice
High Net Worth UK Resident and Non-Resident Individuals
  • Overall tax planning.
  • Trust Planning.